PANTÓGRAFOS MASTER is composed of professionals specialized in thermal cutting, who design, develop, test and manufacture machines that later they install at final user’s plant and finally, train personnel interacting with the Pantograph.

We also have a Department of Foreign Trade, Consumables Sale and a Technical Sale Team.

At our industrial plant, we own state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture equipment, thermal cutting show-room to carry out cutting tests with our customers and the latest electronic equipment for the manufacture of our Computer Numerical Control.

PANTÓGRAFOS MASTER is located in the industrial park of Alte. Brown at a private sector, on 8000 m2 land, in which there are 3500 m2 main nave and 420 m2 of offices, meeting and training rooms.

In this way, the production line is put in operation including all the equipment, from its motor and mechanical part up to electronic part.