New line of metal cutting with High Performance Laser.

The new line is composed of Master Laser and Master Tube Laser.

Master Laser is thought for cutting steel plates of different materials and Master Tube Laser developed for cutting square or rectangular Tubes and Pipes.

Master Laser, with useful width of 1500, 2500 or 3000mm and useful length of 6000mm including or not steel automatic exchanger and/or enclosure.

Master Tube Laser, with plate opening diameters as needed, including or not automatic loader of square / rectangular pipes and/or tubes.

Both machines with solid state laser (Diode Led Laser) and fiber optic of the well-known company IPG Photonics (USA), capable of cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum and other steel materials.

The  Laser is a Light Amplification stimulated by emission of radiation, generated in high efficiency laser diodes and transmitted by fiber optic up to the head and from there focused on material to be cut through lens. The light emissions (photons) are concentrated on the material to be cut by dramatically raising the temperature at melting point and expelling material with a high pressure gas.

Características Técnicas:

– Longitudinal support of all-welded electro-welded iron (non-aluminum)

– Helical pinions and racks

– High pressure planetary reducing gearboxes

– Double mechanization in Gantries.

– Servo-Motors or Linear Motors, Drivers and Linear guideways (Hiwin).

– Servo-Motor motion/cutting speeds:  40.000 mm/min.

– Linear Motor motion/cutting speeds: 150 mm/min.

– Height Capacitive Control (included in head, IPG Photonics).

– 500, 1, 2 or 3KW / 1070nm laser Head and Source, (IPG Photonics).

– Laser Pointer for reference (included in Head, IPG Photonics).

– CAM Software for 3D design.

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